Bonnell Springs is the classic Spring Unit, made from round hourglass shaped springs which are tied together to form a mat. A round helical crosswise connects each single spring to a spring unit to provide maximum durability. The Bonnell Spring has continoually proven its value its value over the years with its comfort and durability. The Bonnell Spring is manufactured with the finest ingredients and provides additional comfort necessary for the body whilst offering enough space for free movement and great support.

4.5"- Tight Top

Solitium is constructed using high carbon tempered Bonnell inner spring which can be made more firmer or softer depending on their gauge with unique encased foam border system and layered with sleep innovations convoluted foam in the padding of the mattress to provide support and comfort for delivering great sleep, Night after Night.

Posture Elite Comfort
6" & 8"- Tight Top

Our Premium Innerspring collection is backed by durability and proven technology. Revolutionary coil Technology sense your body weight and respond with inherited conforming support, then providing the extra support your body needs allowing muscles to relax and recover as you sleep.

Posture Elite Comfort
6" & 8"- Pillow Top

Contour Coil Bonnell Spring provide increased support for correct sleeping posture and 3-Zone graduated spring tension is great for better overall health. Profile edge-to- edge Support delivers extra support and comfort with a larger sleep surface. Pillow top layers of SUPER SOFT Foam, Stretch Knit fabric and Ultra soft Quilling ensure a super comfortable sleep every day of the year. Performa Foam ingredients help relieve built up tension from aching joints and tired muscles making for an extremely comfortable and luxurious sleep.

Smart Posture
8"/ 10" / 12"- Euro Top

This Mattress features deep, ultra plush comfort layers that you can sink and sleep. With no turn Technology and edge to edge support system resulting in a larger sleep surface and ensuring this top quality mattress. Sleep Innovations smart coil utilises dual action design to enhance comfort ability and provides independent back support.