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Product Integrity & Durability

Sleep innovations mattress and beds are specially developed to help people sleep more comfortably.Sleep innovations line of sleep system designed in conjuction with orthopaedic surgeon and reviewed by the orthopaedic board. Sleep inovations mattress are designed to reduce partner disturbance with pressure relieving.Comfort layers that minimise tossing,provide orthopedically correct support ensuring quality Sleep Experience.

The journey behind the Dream.....

We dream of luxurious Sleep that awakens the mind and the body.we dream of refreshing Sleep,ideal Sleep that allows us to awake up with a smile.Sleep innovations beds and mattress are designed to help make the dream's come true.

Inspiration Design

Sleep Innovations continues precision engineering with outstanding aesthetic.A dedicated team has spent countless hours of continuous designing and research to bring to life the latestin a long line of Comfort & Support.


It is not a COST, it is an investment into your health, this is only piece of furniture at your home which concerns your health a right mattress will give you for at least 8 years of comfort, Choose wisely.

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